Training for Speech-Language Therapists

Avoidance Reduction Therapy for Stuttering (ARTS®) Training

Sisskin Stuttering Center offers periodic ARTS ® trainings for speech-language therapists.

Our 2 ½ day workshop provides an overview of the theory and principles of Avoidance Reduction Therapy for Stuttering (ARTS®), presents the nuts and bolts of strength-based assessment, and describes therapy principles for both children and adults. Video demonstration and case presentations illustrate treatment concepts. Mentors (clients who participate in ARTS® Groups) provide personal perspectives and aid in application of theory in break-out groups. We offer both in-person and virtual training.

Future workshops

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Professional Development Activities

Our team of stuttering specialists offers professional development activities both in-person and virtually to school districts, places of business, and health care providers. We can tailor our presentations, workshops, and individual consults to meet the needs of your organization.

Some examples:

  • For speech language therapists – Developing advanced skills and knowledge for stuttering assessment and therapy (introductory and advanced levels)
  • For speech language therapists running ARTS® groups – group observation and consultation
  • For school-based instructional personnel – Ideas for supporting students who stutter in your classroom and beyond
  • For parents and caregivers of children who stutter – supporting your child at home
  • For children who stutter – small group workshops on topics related to understanding stuttering, responding to teasing/bullying; developing confidence as a communicator.
  • For supervisors and co-workers – Developing a stutter-friendly workplace
  • For all audiences – The nature of stuttering and an overview of new research related to stuttering
  • We can tailor professional development events for school districts to meet identified needs

Some of the topics we have presented to school-based speech therapists include:

  • Acceptance-based stuttering therapy for school-age children
  • Strength-based assessment for school-age children who stutter
  • Writing meaningful and realistic IEP goals
  • Effective group therapy for children who stutter
  • Talking about thoughts and feelings with kids who stutter
  • Is it really stuttering? Differential diagnosis of varying forms of disfluency
  • Effective therapy for children who stutter with other differences (example, autism; ADHD; cluttering; Down syndrome)

Individual Consultation

We offer in-person and virtual consultation services for individual cases.
Activities for individual clients and/or therapists may include:

  • Records review, video clip analysis, and recommendations
  • Development of therapy plan and/or IEP goals
  • Observation of session and feedback on therapy activities
  • Development of individualized therapy activities