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ARTS® Peer Mentoring Community

Clinicians who have participated in a full ARTS® training are eligible to join our Peer Mentoring Community.
Members pay an annual membership fee of $200.

Membership includes attendance at monthly virtual Peer Mentoring Sessions and participation in the ARTS® Clinical Forum (a discussion board). They are described below.

Monthly Virtual Peer Mentoring Sessions
Members can join any or all monthly virtual Peer Mentoring Sessions. Trained ARTS® clinicians gather in a safe space to discuss a specific topic, problem solve clinical issues, present cases, and ask questions. Topics are flexible, depending on the interests of those attending the session that month. Sessions are facilitated by a Sisskin Stuttering Center associate. You will have access to a calendar listing upcoming sessions, dates/times, topics, and facilitators. Days and times vary to accommodate members in various times zones with varied work schedules.

ARTS® Clinical Forum
Members login to this exclusive discussion forum to engage with other ARTS®-trained clinicians and Sisskin Stuttering Center team members on a variety of topics of interest.

If interested, complete the application form and once your training has been verified, you will receive information for payment by email.