Scheduling a First Appointment

We generally begin with an initial consultation through our HIPAA compliant Zoom portal. The consult generally takes about an hour. This is not a complete evaluation, but it does provide an opportunity to learn about our practice and our services. Content covered during the consult will naturally be very different for children near onset, school-age children, and adults. We can sometimes make recommendations based on the consult, and sometimes we might require additional assessment to make recommendations. If additional assessment is recommended, it can often be carried out in the context of therapy sessions when the child is comfortable with the clinician.

We are a private-pay practice, meaning that we do not participate in any insurance plans and do not accept payment from any insurance providers. That said, some of our clients are able to receive reimbursement from their insurance providers, if they cover stuttering.

To request an initial consult, please send an email to:
Please include the age (if for a child) and the state in which you reside. We provide services to those living in states where we are licensed. We will respond to your request within a few days.


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