“Stuttering Advice”

by Erica, Darnestown, MD

Hi. I’m Erica. I’m 8 years old. Sometimes I stutter. I want to give you some advice for when that happens. Just keep on going. People will more likely not notice if you keep on going. Though it’s not something that’s bad if people notice it. And also don’t change your words to something that would be easier to come out because you should stick with what you want to say and “say what you wanna say.” But don’t worry it’s totally fine if you stutter. It’s just something that’s different about you. Everyone has things that are different about them. Did you know that there were some famous people who stutter? Did you know that our old vice president Joe Biden stutters? Well he does! Don’t worry if you stutter it’s just because you are unique and that is something special about you.