Boston Office

Our Boston clinic offers consultations, assessments, and individual and group therapy for children, teens, and adults who stutter. We focus on reducing struggle and life impact from stuttering, while achieving forward-moving, spontaneous, comfortable, joyful, and confident communication. We believe that stuttering doesn’t need to stop us from saying what we want, when we want, and participating fully in our lives. Our therapy is client focused and driven. We are located in Brookline and are currently accepting new clients.

Greater Boston Area

We also offer group and individual tele-therapy services for those unable to attend sessions at our physical Brookline location. Tele-therapy enables the client and clinician to see each other through a secure ZOOM platform that is HIPAA compliant. We are open to exploring whatever therapy option is most comfortable, safe, and convenient for you. We work with clients in Massachusetts, and individuals across the United States. 

Consultation and Training

We provide consultations, training, and specialized support in the area of stuttering for school-based and private practice Speech Language Pathologists, Physicians, parents, and other interested parties. We offer private and public school in-service training, and host both informational and casual clinic events. Keep an eye on our upcoming events page for more information. 

Getting Started

For more information about speech therapy services at the Brookline clinic, trainings, or to schedule a consultation session to see if we are a good fit for you or your family member, contact Nic Brow at or 781-613-0853.

Contact the Boston Office

1170 Beacon St., Garden Suite #3
Brookline, MA 02446